Friday, 9 November 2012


The emotional hit and run
The collision of thoughts
The tournament of true conscience
The degree of degradation- esteem..

Brevity of speech
Mind bulging thoughts
Emotions bulleting the blood heart
Discontinuity of strength charges..

The hate of loving
The tiredness of rest
The impotence of infertility
The taking away of all giving...

Justice of brine streams from my eyes
Masked character?
Nerves stinging impulses to my tired brain..

Overcoming confusion
Overbearing responsibility
Unbearable lightness of being
Vertigo "the fear of falling"?
Unknown vetting of ability..

The blankness of sight
Still bewildering thoughts
Rushing across my eyes
Temples throbbing with pain..

Being in awe of one's own being
Searching for the latent ability, personality
Searching for the paramount thing-
Stimulus for continuity of life..

All in ability-(praying)
Prayer to the end of the voice
The voice that Kundera stated: "The voice of emptiness below that tempts and lures, the desire to fall; against which terrified we defend ourselves- vertigo!"


It's all in the mind
What would i say
Antipathy is too hard for thought
It's all in the eyes
What would i comprehend
Confusion to the highest degree..

A blurred thought
A turmoil within
A feeling under estimated but now;
Nothing so ant-like to be ignored..

Another word too hard to explain
Accumulation of sentimentality
An amen to internal battle
The struggle of feet walking
Too long like a mirage of symphony..

Too hard to accept
Increased division- differentiation- organization
Growth of a hated tumor
Still to hard to abort
Too hard to even adopt
But now, can it truly be it
Sentimentality to be another definition of love..