Friday, 28 December 2012

Self Confidence

I’m sitting here
Amazed at all
Given and taken
Blessings and curses
And I continue sitting.

I'm sitting
On how dumbstruck I've become
Is this me?
It can't be
Acuity comes in
And I become-
It’s me
It is truly me.

So I wake up
From the seat
Relieved with myself.
Relieved with who I’ve become.
Relieved with who I’m going to be.
An assured self


I’m sprung
Doing things I never do,
That I am not used to
Thinking that I’m not deserved
Being real with myself
Finding myself
And you're there appreciating it all.
I have that feeling
The feeling you get
When you gain infinite life in a game.

Becoming a new me
They all notice the glow
I don’t care
Radiance is my second name from today henceforth
My aura filled with blossoming flowers
Even if I’m caught in a bait trap
Captured by love

Blind but free
Handling everything even the technical stuff
A ride to Venus and back
Love struck
Vowed to be yours till the end
But since I can’t control time
I make moments out of the minutes I have.

Life As I Call It

That’s what they all say…
That’s what you need
But not to the irritating bit…

Full of prudence and prejudice
That’s what it is
Life one needs
But not to the begging bit...

That’s what Solomon said
Wisdom and knowledge
That’s what you need
But not to the corrupt bit

So if these are
The spines to all
To the give and take
I pray lord,
Give me all I need
But not to the tolerating bit…

Drunk In Love

Drunk in love; with you
 I can’t pretend; it’s worth it
I’m taken; I’m happy; swept off my feet
I need you; still uneasy
I know you’re the one
The one who will calm all my nerves

Drunk in love; you’re the drug
I’ll give everything; you’re worth it
I’m yours; having what I always needed
I can’t promise much; I’m impulsive that’s what I can say
But I need you; closing my eyes
I’m scared; my heart's skipping beats
But wait;
I’m beginning a new rhythm

Drunk in love;
I’m under your influence.
I admit that I never want to be sober
For I’m already taken
And I’m yours.

Contemplating Moments

When you’re just sitted there. Lazy, bored, but you have to live.

When you’re on your couch or bed without reason; you cannot think straight, so many thoughts rush to be processed by your already tired brain.

 The time when, you get your headphones on or burst all the windows with your favourite music; thinking that that’s the only way you will be soothed.

 The moment when everything that you have initiated yourself into and done during the week, come back to you and you laugh or wonder or get worried.

The time you replay all the memories you’ve had, the wrong words you said to so-and-so, the words you weren’t able to blurt out.

That contemplating moment...

When you make your daily or even weekly resolutions and you pray so hard to be better than you are. Resolutions that  you know very well a few days down the line you’ll be in the same place, wondering what went wrong or thanking God for the good tiding.

The time you are watching a movie and you suddenly find yourself in another world, with all those what-if’s or wishing for this or that…

Sorry to break that pattern,
It is good to reflect, it is better to contemplate but it is best when it is all positive and constructive. When you do have that small me-time, that I wish moment, think about the far you came from and how different and better you would want it to be…