Wednesday, 17 April 2013


That’s the word
The anxiety cripping through me
The thrill of an adventure
The confusion
Is beyond-
Beyond all possibilities.

A misused word
The labyrinth formed by all
The so-called synchronized function
Of brain
Is overtaking-
Overtaking all outcomes

That’s the aftermath of all
Of all energy drain
Of all function
And yet...
No conclusion to it
To the decision awaiting
The choice...

Another explanation
To all I’m meant to do
For we are all driven by choice
We are life and death
What should I do…?
Leave everything alone
Pause the ticking clock….

Break from everything
The point to fill the void
Fight the consequence
“Close your eyes
Point to the atmosphere
Just chose"
And yes,  I’ll be free….

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Captured Memories Spoken Words

“Burdened with light thought
with unbearable memories
Memories deep and pro-found
Memories both sweet and sour
Memories that define me as woman or you as a man.”

This is what happens when I over think. Well they say that females have the tendency to daily over think in any pertinent matter so I better be pardoned. I do love the feel though, who doesn’t? (you can raise your hand)The rush of the greatest of memories made from the smallest and un-imaginable moments. May it be after that weird fight with dear mum, and later laughing off the phase you crossed of “how stupid you are..” Or may it be that moment with your #mainchick or #maindude (just had to copy paste the TT). You get the drift though... Memories make us to have a picture of the far we have come… The wrong choices we have made and well it gives as the pace to being the great person we are meant to be, they are ‘YOU!’

“Loaded with words
With meaning
Words both grievous and joyful
Words bringing both life and the after life
Words that forbid Hades and refresh Heaven.”

It is so definite, out comes thoughts and memories through speech and finally what we call communication. They biblically allude that the tongue is one powerful organ, well I believe that too . Anyways, I’m also over thinking on the words I just say without thought, (many times thanking God that they were spoken to some Amicus!) Words that I so regret but ah! Life goes on, the past is the past. Words that console some, Words that seal business deals, Words that build you, Words that are drilled into your head and define you (I’m keeping to my positive lanes). Well words again let you be, they are ‘YOU!’.

#LastWords: Keep to positive thoughts, positive words. It is indeed helpful when you are meant to think twice before you talk. It is indeed lovely to have memories to word about! #KeepWarm

Wednesday, 3 April 2013


Well we all get caught in that moment. A moment full of deep ends and high tides. A moment you cannot feel your heart and can’t hear your mind. A moment you really can to sing along to whatever song that really leads your ‘spirit’ in some dance. In my case maybe some WILL.I.AM,” I wanna scream and shout and let it all out”.

The moment when you try to get glued to your principles and stick to your point-to-point standards; at the same time you cannot restrain asking everyone on their opinion on such and such an issue. Rephrasing your life to fit that pal of yours (we all know it is you) who is going through this and that and doesn’t know what to do… Weighing all pros and cons being buried in your head and confusing you the more.

That moment you lean on your own understanding, forgetting all that you have accomplished may be aforethought of how you will reach the pick, where you’ll climax at.
That very one moment; the moment you are actually daring enough to throw everything you have achieved as part of the clutter.  A moment you get so shortsighted you just can’t see beyond arms length.

Well, we all have that one or can I say many moments; more so, one in the same.
Let me take you back, to the moment a paragraph or two. I quote:

“The moment when you try to get glued to your principles and stick to your point-to-point standards; at the same time you cannot restrain asking everyone on their opinion on such and such an issue.”

Do you get it now? (I’ve kinda bolded the issue.) This is where the title falls in. NEVER COMMIT. Never commit yourself to that habit, “Tabia mbaya”, if I may say. The habit of asking every Mary and Jane, and may I add every Tom, Dick and Harry (so called male perspective) on what they would do if cornered with such an issue.

Doing the above just makes you naked to everyone even if it’s in good faith. Something not everyone should be graced with. Sometimes this moment is for you and your God, you and your man (talking from a woman’s viewpoint), you and yourself.

The moment is just a time for you to change clothes, or put them back on, or if you like it do some laundry, at worst times an extreme makeover. I don’t think that will take a whole lifetime to settle or find your grounds.
Oh, if you still haven’t got the drift, when I talk of nakedness, I talk about emotional insecurities or sometimes “spiritual”.

Last words: #happy days to you!