Monday, 27 May 2013



It’s more to endure.
It’s more to pursue.
It’s more to survive.
It’s a triathlon of three vital signs.
A blend of  three primary colors and still a glance of all at their solo prowess.

It’s a sense of non-guaranteed belonging.
A sense of what society thinks right.
A state of fear-enabled action.
A state of fear-enabled response.
A state of set the fire, get burned, learn a lesson.


More of my body.
More of thy flesh.
More of a physical state of mind.
But yet, more of the bond between  body and thought.
More of tangibility.
More of lemme touch, lemme feel, lemme touch and feel.

A scheduled period of gradual growth.
A period for continual development-
A set time to possess maturity
A must listen to the ticking clock...

That's ME
But, not "...I"