Tuesday, 25 June 2013


They ask who I am,
Where I've been,
What I do.
They tell me to state,
Elaborate more.
That’s how they find the most to critic upon
That’s how they compare if I suitably fit or not…
They laugh in my tears,
Batter as I proceed,
Smile and offer the unwelcoming hand;
All in want
More like some predicted symbiosis
But that’s what they’ll be
The user of the dagger...

They make and use me
They misuse and cause me to wonder
They re-do their acts with wisdom
But in life you either give your best or turn to the next
I still wonder…

They want and truly need
They find solace and peace in my aura
They feel great
More than inspired around
They find comfort in the word “friend”
Well they might have a true calling
Oh well...

They give and cradle birth
They rule and place,
More like control the strings,
And I'm the puppet
They are the cave-
The cave you run to and from
“Forever indebted.”
But again, life is generational...

They still ask me
Who are you?
Where are you from?
What do you do?
I’m just a REASON.

Thursday, 20 June 2013


(What they think)
Always a nervous wreck (cause of ME..)
Always subject to what ME wants to do
Always an illuded reality of my true sense

Well- I...
Subject to what my mind generates
Subject to feelings flowing from the depths of soul
Subject to my adventurous spirit

I- Rules...
My sunshine in the storms
My strength when Im fracturing
The voice that rings in my head,
I, the feeling that makes my stomach churn.

I- For Independence...
The revolution that brews within
The lover of peace and unity
The iconic unity of body, soul and spirit.

A guaranteed sense of belonging
An image of HIM above
A life already fully endured.
A life fully given.

That's I..
That's why there is ME..

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


 "Gentleness" ... 
A word, we might have all hammered to our heads while reciting the Fruits of the Holy Spirit either in Church or compulsory religious education in our schools. it all went like "Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness... and Self-control". Well you can refer to Galatians 5:22-23

Going all grammar Nazi, the word is deprived from the word "Gentle";
 Pronunciation: /ˈdʒɛnt(ə)l/  
Gentle: adjective (gentler, gentlest)
1 having or showing a mild, kind, or tender temperament or character:a gentle, sensitive man her gentle voice  
2 moderate in action, effect, or degree; not strong or violent:take some gentle exercise a gentle breeze
(of a slope) gradual:a gentle embankment 
3 archaic (of a person) noble or having the qualities attributed to noble birth; courteous and chivalrous.
Well consider the words used: mild.. kind... tender... temperament... character... moderate... 'strength'... noble... courtesy... chivalry...
Ever think of why we're always raised to be gentlemen and gentle-ladies or why mum always told us to wait for the food to be set on the table. 
Ever think of why patience is ever tested in an interview, or while standing on some queue or why there is a procedure to everything. Not forgetting that is when you really dont wanna here those words "be patient"..
Ever wonder of why you love the time you're eating one good meal, or drinking your cold 'Tusker' after a long day..

Ever wonder why you pick up litter and throw it to the been or why you helped the lady across the street, or what made the ladies to go to the nerdy guy who listens..

Think of any situation, call me a hippie or lost in thought, I'll tell you to imagine the time you were just calm and lost in a moment (*and you suddenly felt happy*) or the time you are patiently waiting for something you really wanted so bad (*then you got it*) or the time you were most vulnerable (*and you shed some tear*) ..
I can't or won't know if you see what I see, but the words used in describing the act of being gentle, actually choose who we become and who we are meant to be. They shape up the character that society approves of, they set up the person that God wanted you to be, they mould the character that you will later instill to your kids (if you planning to go down that route).
In the contrary, it's not always easy to be gentle. Sometimes we get angry or selfish or really want  it so bad... but have you ever thought of how you would react if pushed to the wall, or being in that state of "being under pressure", or when the other to you is being selfish, or always in a temper or pushing you around... How would you feel? ... Well it was just a thought.

Lets just say GENTLENESS is power in control; GENTLENESS is strength.


Allow your heart to be moved so that it becomes more gentle over time.