Thursday, 25 July 2013


Clear your thoughts
I'm just man with womb
I'm womb-man
The "b" is silent-
Call me "woman"

(Don’t misunderstand though)

The "b" is silent
But the "b" has voice
It speaketh power to all your actions

But wait-
I'm just man, man with womb...
I'm just wom(b)an

"b" for backward

That's what you say
What you term to "be"
Ideally that I cannot "b"come
I'll stay backward,
Put the spine together,
Help you remember
Help you be inspired
I'll stay back-word!
Be the support
Be your back- rest, dear!
At the same time, you better get your shit together
You better continue going forward.
But wait-
I'm just man, man with womb
I'm just wom (b) an

"b" for beautiful

That's what you say
You get your images
I’m booty-ful
Wait, chill,
I’m "b"-you-full?
I'll accept the term
Not termed on your "b"liefs though
Just beautiful- fair and just
Just beautiful- seldom in soul
A flow of love from me to you
Suppress all the evil kinda beautiful
Make you confident with your walk
Have the right diction with your talk
At the same time, you better get your shit together
You better be moving forward
But wait-
I'm just man, man with womb
I'm just wom (b) an

“b” for [that female dog]

Allow me not to censor this
“b” for bitch…
As much as you,
You want me to “b”-have
Take  my “role”
Stop the nagging
Stop the “b”-chin'
Stop shaming
Be the freak
Be the.. “B”
Wait I’m confused;

I’ll get in touch with my inner “B”
I’ll keep you asserted
I’ll keep you smart
I’ll keep you savvy
That’s what I term bitchin’
And forget not to keep your shit together
Forget not to keep moving forward..

But wait...
I’m just man, man with womb...
I’m wom(b)man...
And you can call me woman..

Monday, 1 July 2013


(This is not a poem)

Sometimes we are imprisoned to what we want and what we think is right.
Sometimes we live and swear by Y.O.L.O and live in the shadows of day-to-day living.
(I'm not saying it's wrong but...)
Sometimes it just clouds our thoughts/ our set path to destiny.
Sometimes we really don't know how deep we are digging our graves, and at times we really are moving far and far into a labyrinth that we think is the right path.

At times, we are great and inspiring.
At times we are lonesome and the so-called anti-social kind.
And at many of times we do try to get back to the path with daily, weekly, monthly, annually, maybe a decade of resolutions.
We at first stick to the plan then somewhere down the line- don't know what happened.

Many at times...
(and I echo this)
We choose to trust and rely on our own understanding(s)
And with less talk forget we are just mortal...
Forget there is actually someone or something supreme we believe in
Someone/ Something who guides or tries to guide us day-in day-out...
Whatever your spirituality...

Well, I chose this day to be some sorta turning point and  to actually work onwards
Onwards the GREAT-I-AM to be...
(with God's help that is.)
For I believe
I am an image of him above and a proud daughter of two good and true friends.
Not forgetting all the people who have and took or will take roles in  my life.
Roles to still critic me:
The turning point, that's what I call it, that's what it is.
The turning point to always remember the Me, ( and appreciate it;
To always nurture the I, ( and appreciate it.
The turning point to believe in MYSELF as an image of HIM above.