Tuesday, 17 September 2013

"I am not my hair but it's a major part of me..."

Ever wonder why hair is as fragile as the heart
Ever wonder why a woman is her hair...

Ever wonder why you'd spend ages at the hair dresser
Ever wonder why you'll find solace in a pair of scissors...

Ever wonder why this-or-that went with the look
Ever wonder why dad shaved you bald at the age of one...

Ever wonder why you attached your hair to the letter
Ever wonder why all the men would give you a stare...

I wondered and I learned..

I learned that my hair was me
I still wonder why they say "akili ni nywele"...

I learned that change came from within
I still wonder why there was comfort in the pair of chop-chop-chops...

I learned that change is always achievable
But most of all-
I learned that "I am not my hair but it's a major part of me..."

Friday, 6 September 2013

Crystallize - Lindsey Stirling (Dubstep Violin Original Song)


A story was to be told
a story of a cocooned spirit and a green heart
a story of clean blood and untapped dreams
a story of the wonders of love.

And so a story was told
a story of a broken heart and torn spirit
a story of rushing blood and beautiful nightmares
a story of all kinds of love.

A story is still going to be told
a story of cants and dos
a story of wills and shants
a story of the only thing left, that matters: love.

Monday, 2 September 2013


As I see you think
As I let you predict
Yes I do think you’re attractive..
Who wouldn’t? 

Your hair
Your tattoos, the meanings
Your physique
Your walk
Your dress
Your eyes.
Your whole silhouette forms as I day-dream.

I appreciate, admire
Respect that you at the least believe
Adore something like I do
A- many- supreme beings?
Something to give you peace of mind
Something to put you to calm
Something to control your fire as it gets outta hand I guess
But my dear love,
I also find it as a future issue
One way or the other
But we'll cross the bridge-
I dearly hope.

A stir you've caused
It's great to know-
Awake is my faint-mind
In a good way though.
Turns a page,
Flips another,
Listens to the commotion of day
Oh dear Mind- It's bedtime can we rest

Well my heart has spoken
I - can’t say ‘m being rebellious
I - don't understand
I - loves obedience...
But you Mr. Loverman,
You have caused a stir
A free spirit I am to become
I saw it as I let you predict...

But bear in mind Mr. Loverman,
There is a lot you'll learn too,
A lot before you strip me bare
A lot you’ll get to know
A lot before you worship me too
A lot to dump
A lot to nurture...

Yours in Body, Mind and Spirit.