Thursday, 13 March 2014


As I popped
I felt my heart turn blue from the intoxication
As I cursed over and over
I watched myself senseless, intemperate.

As it took a toll
I felt relief
Not necessarily euphoric but-
A  smell of the the rain on concrete
and my synthetic pieces of flesh soak.

As my head took a spin
I felt the flow in my veins boil up,
Watched myself motionless-
Paranoid on the consequences but-
already immune, restrained.

As I paralyzed the soreness in my limbs
I felt more tensed but
Restrained my time,
Experienced relief,
I promised of my last and saved time itself.

As I wait to pop,
I remain paralyzed, immoderately but
Soothe from the curing waves of rhythm;
A touch of red in my heart.